Friday, 19 February 2016

St Helena Day 3

Hi everyone,
Today is day three of our stay at Jamestown in St Helena.  We're really enjoying the place.  Here's what we've been up to…

Firstly boat jobs:
* Checked the bilges and cleaned out lockers
* Main engine check
* Replaced outboard motor fuel and spark plug to get it running
* Found and made good a very loose bolt on the Aries vane gear mount
* Food stocktake
* Topped up stocks of UHT milk, fruit, veg and some vacuum-packed frozen meat
* Topped up stock of gin with local produce (excellent and very good price)
* Decanted 80 litres of water from jerries into main tanks (60 litres) and bladder (20 litres)
* Cleaned s/s and parts of the deck with fresh water
* Filled jerries ashore and decanted 70 litres into main tanks to fill
* Filled jerries ashore again and stowed
* Decanted 20 litres of diesel from jerry to fill main tanks
* Filled two diesel jerries ashore (@ 1.22pounds/litre) to give 5 full jerries (100 litres)
* Delivered large bag of washing to the Georgetown laundry
* Collected laundry

The sea here is very clear and about 26C.  We've seen a lot of fish, some around 1m in length, from the boat.  At the wharf there are lots of fish and turtles.  It's a popular diving/swimming spot.

View east from mooring

View west from mooring

One gets ashore here using the small ferry boat service.  They monitor VHF16 and are generally quite quick to collect you.  1pound/person one-way.

Ferry approaching!

Ashore we have explored Georgetown which is a lovely little town.  Nice food and coffee at The Consulate Hotel, plus WiFi.  We're limiting our internet access here due to the cost for WiFi of 6.60pounds/hour/device.  There are several quite good food stores with our choice being the Queen Mary on Napoleon Street.

Yesterday we climbed the 699 step Jacob's Ladder to the top of the hill immediately W of Georgetown.  From the top you can also look down over the yacht moorings area as well as the town.  The climb isn't as hard as it looks, but it does look scary!

View of Georgetown from Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder from the top

View of yacht mooring area from signal house

The wharf area of Georgetown has a row of old buildings painted in various pastel colours.  The colours reminded us of our visit to Tobermory in Scotland many years ago.  The buildings are built against the nearly vertical rock face above them.  The entire hill is covered in wire mesh to contain rockfalls.

Surf's up at Georgetown beach

View towards the wharf area from Georgetown beach

The yacht club is one of the blue buildings along the wharf and cruisers are welcome to use their facilities.  Unfortunately their toilets and showers now need a key for access and we haven't managed to get one yet.  There are toilets and cold showers at the end of the wharf, right next to the ferry wharf.  They're fine.

We are booked to do a full day tour of the island on Saturday which should be very interesting.  The RMS St Helena arrives sometime tomorrow so there will be a few more tourists around town.  We'll probably meet some of them on the tour.

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