Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Along the East Timor Coast

Hi everyone,
Last night we had a mixed bag of occasional great sailing between long periods of motoring due to light wind. We think the increased wind was due to funnelling down valleys on the coast. Although there was no moon we could still see the silhouette of the mountain ranges. Very spectacular. The short bursts of sailing had us charging along at 9 knots under full main and No 1. Great fun.

We had a brilliant, red sunrise this morning. Most of the cloud cleared away overnight and the coast alongside us is slowly changing from grey-scale to full technicolour. Tall tree-covered hills and mountains with cloud capping some of the mountains.

Only 15nm to go to Dili but we still have a strong current against us. We're only a mile offshore but the water is over 1000m deep! Haven't seen a reading on the depth sounder since the middle of the Timor Sea (which is very shallow on its southern side). We hope to get to Dili in time for lunch.

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