Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Passed Jaco Island

Hi everyone,
After last night's excitement with Colleen's steering problem, today has been relatively quiet. We had a good sail to the approaches to Jaco Island but then the seas became quite confused. We also had the wind almost behind us which made the ride very rolly. Worst of all we had 2 knots of current against us. In short it took a while to get around Jaco Island!

When we did approach the island it was only glimpsed between rain showers and low cloud. Similarly the main island of East Timor, which is very high but was (and still is) mostly shrouded in cloud.

Storm approaching
We're now motoring along the north coast of East Timor. The swells are gradually dying away and the ride is improving. The wind is very light and has been varying in direction continuously as showers come through. It rained hard several times, giving the boat a good wash and forcing us to don our wet weather gear.

East Timor to port

I'm sure East Timor will be very spectacular when a bit of sun arrives to illuminate it!

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