Tuesday, 31 July 2012

New Freshwater Pump Delivered

Hi everyone,
We took possession of the parcel containing our spare parts this afternoon.  Huzzah!  The folks at SDV managed to get the package onto an aircraft yesterday morning, one day earlier than estimated.  It took several visits to their local office to arrange customs clearance, pay duty and arrange delivery, but everyone was keen to help, efficient and spoke more English than we do Tetum.

With the package aboard we unpacked it and happily confirmed the pump fits.  Only one of the four hoses provided was one of the two we wanted, but fortunately the old hoses are in OK shape.  No gasket was provided so we had to re-use the old one which was in OK shape too.  We added "gasket goo" to be on the safe side.

After fitting the new pump, the old hoses with new hose clamps, the pulley and the V-belt we refilled the freshwater system with coolant.  We decided to wait until tomorrow morning before starting the engine since that will allow the gasket goo to set.  Hopefully all will be well when we run the engine.

Kym from the Dili rally organising committee has confirmed she can assist with our clearing out tomorrow.  Presuming the engine runs OK and the clearing out goes OK we may be sailing tomorrow afternoon!

Trust all's well where you are...

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