Monday, 16 July 2012

Wind, Rain and Squalls

Hi everyone,
After a short sail yesterday afternoon the wind died yet again. Motoring again. Finally at 0300 this morning a real wind arrived and we have been sailing since. Fantastic!

The sailing probably wouldn't be described as "champagne". From about 0400 there were occasional showers. Then at 0600 (just before dawn) a rain squall came through with 30 knot winds. One of the rally yachts - Cutting Edge - broadcast a warning which was timely. We got a reef in just as it hit, but didn't have time to don our wet weather gear. So we got a free wash which was actually very pleasant. I'm sure the boat loved the fresh water wash too - she flew along at 8 knots during the fun.

Of course the wind is now blowing directly towards Jaco Island, so we're not managing to head directly there. Still quite rolly as the waves kicked up by the squall persist. Nevertheless - it's all good - we are sailing!

We've logged 207nm from Darwin in 44 hours.

Hope all's well where you are.

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