Monday, 15 October 2012

Cape Kelayang

Hi everyone,
Today we sailed from Manggar to Tangung (Cape) Kelayang, also known as "Boulder Bay".  The 55nm passage took us 11 hours, motoring for most of the way due to very light winds.  We are now anchored amongst about 15 other yachts at  02 33.224S 107 40.470E in 6m over sand/mud.

Zen Again Track
The passage was made a little more interesting by a set of thunderstorms which passed us by, but did give us a little wind for a short time.  Other yachts had much more excitement, with some experiencing 40 knot winds and torrential rain.  The seasons seem be changing, with the SE trades and clear skies giving way to cloudy skies and (at this stage) light and variable winds.

Thunderstorm nearby
Boulder Bay is the best known tourist attraction on Belitung Island.  It is a nice bay with white sand beaches and huge granite boulders scattered along the beach and across the bay.  We plan to explore tomorrow, in addition to obtaining more fuel to ensure we have plenty to get to the Singapore area.

We expect to stay here until Wednesday, when we'll probably head for Kentar Island, 240nm north.

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