Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Crossing the Bali Sea

Hi everyone,
Tonight we're underway, crossing the Bali Sea towards Selat Sapudi. We departed Lovina Beach at 1530 this afternoon. Once through the strait we'll turn NW and head towards the island of Bawean which is our intended destination at this stage. Bawean is a convenient spot to take a break before heading onward towards the Kumai River in Kalimantan.

At the moment we have a lovely 10-15 knot SSW breeze which is producing a boatspeed around 6 - 6.5 knots. We have a little current in our favour so are doing about 7 knots over the ground. When we left Lovina Beach we had a NE breeze of only 4-6 knots, and that died after a couple of hours. We motored for 4 hours over a glassy sea lit by the just-past-full moon before the SSW breeze filled in.

We really enjoyed Lovina Beach. Today we had breakfast ashore and then did a quick tour of Singaraja. Singaraja was the seat of the northern Bali Raja. Unfortunately the historic buildings and port are not being well cared for, so there wasn't much to see. Pity because the history of the local Rajas and the Dutch and the Japanese occupations seem quite interesting. After the tour we returned to the hotel where we spent much of yesterday, for a final chill by the pool before our 400nm+ sail to Kumai River.

We expect to pass through the strait in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday).

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