Thursday, 4 October 2012

Enroute to Kumai River

Hi everyone,
We had a quiet day at anchor at Bawean Island today. Baked some bread, checked the engine, topped up the diesel tanks from jerry cans, checked all shackles etc on deck, repacked the asymetric, and then rested for the passage ahead. At 1700 be hoisted the main, weighed anchor and departed Bawean Island. The anchorage was in a very pleasant bay. The locals were friendly but didn't ask for anything from us - a unique experience for us so far in Indonesia.

Unflagged fish trap off Bawean

Last night we had our first real rainstorm since the Darwin-Dili rally. It came through at about 0300 with 30 knots of wind as well as quite heavy rain. Lasted for perhaps half an hour, with most of the rain and wind in 10 minutes. We had a cuppa while checking we weren't dragging. The rain gave the deck and the sheets a much-needed wash. The sheets (ropes) were getting so salty they'd stand upright all on their own.

Tonight we're sailing at about 4.5 knots boatspeed under full main and #2 jib. We're doing 6 knots over the ground, which if we keep up will see us arrive in Kumai in the dark, which we don't want. Our plan is to arrive at dawn on Saturday and then proceed immediately up the river to the town of Kumai. We plan to arrange a tour up-river from there to see the Orang Utangs in particular and the jungle and wildlife in general.

Kakadu departed Bawean Island with us. They're gradually pulling away from us, as they should in nice 8 knot beam reaching conditions. It's certainly champagne sailing, or would be if we could keep up with Kakadu! ;)

Trust all's well where you are.

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