Friday, 9 November 2012

Admiral Marina

Hi everyone,
On Wednesday afternoon we departed Danga Bay marina.  This morning we arrived at Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, at 02 28.60N 101 50.75E.  We did the 140nm trip in two legs - the first 20nm to Tanjung Piai and the second a 24 hour passage to Admiral Marina.

From Danga Bay we motored down the Johor Strait and across to Tanjung Piai.  There were some big thunderstorms about but happily they all missed us.  Nevertheless a huge lightning bolt hit the ground within a mile of us with a mighty (and almost simultaneous) flash-bang!

Tangung Piai is the southernmost point of mainland Asia.  We visited it by land on the coach tour from Danga Bay.  From the boat at anchor we could clearly see the globe shown in one of our tour photos.

Zen Again Tracks
Zen Again track into Admiral Marina
At 0700 on Thursday we weighed anchor and headed around the cape with Kakadu.  There was a light wind but our course just outside the shipping lane on the Malaysian side was too high into the wind to sail.  Kakadu "took a flier", crossing the shipping lane in order to sail.  We decided to stay out of the lane.  As a result we motorsailed for the entire trip and Kakadu managed to sail nearly all the way.  Darn.

The shipping lanes were extremely busy, and fun to watch.  At least three ships overtook us each hour heading NW, and probably a similar number on the far side heading SE.  That's at least 150 ships during our 24 hour passage.  Outside the shipping lanes we encountered about 20 tugs pulling barges and about a dozen trawlers at work.

Traffic in Malacca Strait
So far we're impressed with Admiral Marina.  The pens are good, although they have some problems with electricity supply to some pens.  Ashore there is a great pool, a yachtie's bar, an airconditioned restaurant, wifi and most importantly functional toilets and showers!

Zen Again in Admiral Marina
We expect to stay here until next Thursday.  In the mean time we have a reception on Sunday, and tours of Melaka and Kuala Lumpur on Monday and Wednesday.

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