Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Four Days in Kuala Lumpur

Hi everyone,
Yesterday evening we returned to Admiral Marina in Port Dickson from a four day trip to KL.  We enjoyed the earlier day tour so much we thought we'd spend a while there.  Anne and Graham from sv Kakadu thought likewise so we went to KL together.  The next Sail Malaysia events are not until the coming weekend so we had plenty of time.

On Friday morning we took a taxi from Port Dickson to Seremban, from where we could catch the train direct to KL.  The train was cheap, quite fast and very clean.  From the station we took a taxi to our hotel.  The two-bedroom suite with common living area and kitchenette was very nice.

The confluence of two rivers "Kuala Lumpur"
On Friday afternoon we had lunch at a Persian restaurant near the hotel.  From there we headed into central KL.  We visited the National Museum of Textiles which turned out to be very interesting.

Later on Friday we went to the Central Markets where there are Malay, Indian, Chinese and other stalls.  Bought a few bits and pieces.  From there we went to Chinatown for more shopping and for dinner.

Central Markets
Central Markets stall
 On Sunday we visited the Botanical Gardens including the Orchid and Hibiscus gardens.  After that we visited the National Museum which was very interesting too.On Saturday we visited the Pavilion Mall which was all decked-out for Christmas.  From there we walked to the Low Yat Plaza which has 6 floors of IT and electronics shops.  We had lunch at a cheap but tasty Pakistani restaurant.

On Monday we revisited the Central Markets and the mall at the foot of the Petronas Towers.  Both have very good food malls with very cheap meals.
Petronas Towers
All in all it was a very pleasant four days.  It was good to be able to laze around in our hotel suite each afternoon and evening.  On Monday we took the train back to Seremban and then the bus to Port Dickson.  The bus was very cheap, but crowded and quite old.  Twas much more fun than a taxi.
It's good to be back aboard.  Today we had a lazy day.  A little provisioning trip to the local supermarket was all we needed to do to prepare for our departure tomorrow.  We plan to head directly to Pangkor Marina Island, which is a 140nm passage.

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