Friday, 30 November 2012

Pangkor to Penang

Hi everyone,
We just arrived at Jerejak anchorage on the east side of Penang Island.  We are anchored in 8m over mud at 05 18.55N 100 18.11E.

The 75nm passage up from Pangkor Island was typical of our Sail Malaysia passages.  We departed at 1600 yesterday afternoon and arrived at 0800 this morning.  We basically went out to the 40m contour where we found no nets, a dozen trawlers and only 3 larger vessels.  Amazingly we didn't see a single tug or barge!

Zen Again Track
Track showing location of new bridge
We had to motor most of the way (as usual) due to light winds.  We had about 2 hours of rain and 30 minutes of 20 knot winds from a thunderstorm which passed nearby.  Although traffic was light, a couple of fishing boats came over for a close look which isn't fun at night.  We had to do two 270 degree turns to shake one off.

We had assistance from the tide which resulted in us arriving south of Penang Island before dawn.  We hove to for a while in very light wind, then a little more wind came up and we tacked onward.  It was good fun getting the boat moving at 3 knots with No 2 headsail and a single-reefed main in 3-5 knots of breeze.  The main was reefed due to the thunderstorms about.

There is a new (second) bridge under construction between the mainland and the island.  The Sail Malaysia organisers strongly advised not to pass under it at night, which is why we hove to and waited for dawn.

Bridge in sight
Approaching the bridge
Under the bridge
Jerejak anchorage
We expect to be in Penang until Tuesday.  In the meantime there's a tour arranged by Sail Malaysia and we hope to explore Georgetown.  On Tuesday there is the big procession under the original bridge, with helicopters taking video/photos.

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