Friday, 23 November 2012

Pangkor Marina Island

Hi everyone,
Yesterday afternoon we arrived at Pangkor Marina Island after a 140nm passage from Admiral Marina (Port Dickson). The trip took about 31 hours for an average boatspeed of 4.9knots and average ground speed of 4.5knots.  The engine was on for 27 hours so we managed to sail for a while - huzzah!
Zen Again Track
We departed on Wednesday morning just after dawn.  We had to motor or motor-sail all day, into a light breeze but more importantly a left-over sea/swell.  We tried sailing but the boat was stopped by the sea and the best we could do was 2knots - not fast enough.

Late in the afternoon we passed the entrance to Port Klang, having to dash between two big ships in a "convoy" of 4 to cross the channel.  From there we headed for the inshore channel as night fell.  Approaching the channel we were hemmed in by a tug and barge on one side and lots of fishing nets and fishing boats on the other.  The wind was right on the nose and the sea had worsened so we were pitching violently.  Most unpleasant.  Eventually we overtook the tug and sailed west to get away from the nets.  It was good to have a sail, even though we weren't heading towards our destination.  It also allowed us to check and top up the engine oil.  The "zig" west can be seen on the track above.

After a pleasant hour or so sailing west we tacked and resumed motor-sailing.  The sea was less disturbed offshore - there was probably wind over tide inshore.  There were no nets offshore and we only had to contend with a series of tugs hauling barges and trawlers.  Some of the trawlers seem to like playing "chicken" - twice we were the chicken and took major avoiding action.  All good fun - sorta.  As the night wore on the seas continued to abate and we had a reasonable motor-sail for the rest of the night.

Pair trawlers - don't go between 'em! 
Shortly after dawn a nice W breeze came up and with the calmer seas we could at last have a decent sail.  Very nice!  Then we came upon a fleet of 50+ trawlers in several lines across our course, trawling up and down, and some charging around without their nets aboard.  It was fun weaving our way across.  At one point we had three trawlers within 100m - one hauling his nets going astern towards us, one shooting his nets directly ahead of us and another trawling directly towards us.  Twas interesting.

Nice sailing
We charged up to Pangkor Island at 7 knots under sail - marvellous.  So good we almost forgot about the dramas of the previous evening.  We passed the area where we had a one week holiday on Pangkor Island in 2000 but the resort appeared to be gone.  Then we were off the new Pangkor Marina Island, a completely reclaimed area of new land.  It has a marina, hotels and (I think) apartments.
Approaching Pangkor Island
We had a reservation at the marina but had heard other boats trying to get in but being told there was no room.  We adopted the approach of "I've got a reservation and I'm coming in now - what berth please" which worked very well.  We're in a slightly shallow pen but we're in!  The marina seems pretty good.  There is a hardstand area and also a large covered "shed" in which several boats (with masts down) can be worked on.  Nearby there is a Best Western hotel with a pool and bar which yachties can use.
Zen Again at Pangkor Island Marina
We'll be here until sometime next week and over the weekend have several organised events to attend.

Trust all's well where you are!

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