Saturday, 23 April 2016

Antigua Departure

Hi everyone,
We departed Antigua this morning at 0700.  We are currently in position 17 11N 062 17W, saillng at 6 knots on a course of 320M.  Our ground speed is 6.5 knots.  The wind is NE at 18-20 knots with a 1.5m sea and short 1.5m NNE swell. We are sailing under single-reefed main and single-furled yankee.  Hazy with scattered cumulus.

We were sad to leave Antigua but time is passing.  It was a great place to chill out and relax, especially at Freeman's Bay which is quiet and peaceful.  Being there for the Classic Regatta was fantastic.  Race Week starts tomorrow but we can't hang around any longer.  So much to see; so little time!

Over our last few days in Antigua we did a little more exploring.  We walked up to Shirley Heights where an old military lookout post was sited.  Several of the buildings still in quite good shape and as you'd expect there is a great view.

View over Freeman's Bay to Nelson's Dockyard from Shirley Heights

From the lookout we walked back along the coast which was a very pleasant walk.  The local flora is interesting and colourful with many different trees and several types of cactus.

The last couple of days were quite social with the crews of Andiamo, Deesse, Gallinago, Iona and Super Ted V all in Freeman's Bay last night.  We all had a quiet drink ashore at the local beach bar (run by an Aussie) before saying our farewells.  Most of these boats are also heading for Europe but by several different routes.  We may meet some of them at the Azores.

So now we are enroute towards the British Virgin Islands (BVIs), and in particular the island of Virgin Gorda.  We should get there around midday tomorrow if the wind holds in.  We're looking forward to catching up with the crews of Vulcan Spirit and Mahi Mahi.

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