Monday, 11 April 2016

Guadeloupe to Antigua

Hi everyone,
Today we had a great sail from Deshaies, Guadeloupe to English Harbour, Antigua.  The 45nm passage took a little under 8 hours in a 18-22 knot ENE breeze.  There was a good 1 knot of W current in the Guadeloupe Channel so it was quite a close reach, but certainly not close-hauled.  Here are the usual plots...
Zen Again Track
Zen Again Speed Over Ground
Our overnight stay anchored off Deshaies was very pleasant.  By sunset there were at least 40 vessels moored or anchored in the bay.  We departed at 0630 this morning.

Guadeloupe in our wake
The passage was interesting due to the strong cross-current.  Also there were a steady stream of large motor vessels and yachts coming past us.  Two yachts which came past were enormous - Twizzle and Gloria.

The approach to English Harbour was interesting with the cross current continuing.  The entrance is notoriously hard to identify but we picked it up a mile or so out.  The famous pillars of Hercules aren't very big but are certainly spectacular.  It would have been quite a sight to see a ship of the line sail into this harbour!

Approaching English Harbour 
Pillars of Hercules
Fort Berkeley
Once in the harbour we did a quick motor-around to check it out.  English Harbour is one of those special places for cruisers, and especially for those with any English blood in their veins.  Can't wait to stroll around Nelson's Dockyard!

A quick tour of English Harbour - spectacular!!!
Passing Nelson's Dockyard
After the obligatory tour of the harbour we anchored in Freeman Bay.  Everyone had told us we'd not find room to anchor but it wasn't a problem.  Additionally, we ended up anchoring near sv Levada, a UK yacht we last saw in Rodrigues!

At anchor in Freeman Bay
With UK yacht Levada
We plan to clear-in tomorrow and hope to spend a few days here exploring.  We may move around to Falmouth Harbour and to Jolly Harbour later.

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