Saturday, 9 April 2016

Guadeloupe - Les Saintes

Hi everyone,
We've been at Terre de Haut in Les Saintes for three days now.  Really enjoying the place and also enjoying getting some long-planned boat work done.

Each day we've been ashore for a few hours.  Yesterday we walked around the town and up to Fort Napoleon which overlooks the anchorage.  Unfortunately the fort was closed when we visited but the outside is certainly impressive.  It was built in the mid-1800s.

View of anchorage (Zen Again with boom tent near bottom right)
Fort Napoleon which overlooks the anchorage
This morning we went ashore for fruit and veg at the market.  The market was very small and we ended up buying what we needed at the Carrefour Express supermarket.  We also bought a lot of loverly cheap bread at one of the several boulangeries.  Today was a nice sunny day so the photos came out quite well, assisted by the polarising filter!

Boutiques on pedestrian mall
Main Terre de Haut ferry jetty
Terre de Haut dinghy jetty
Yesterday afternoon we had a very pleasant swim off the boat, checking out the wreck in the bay.  The wreck turned out to be a not very old ferry.  Unsure when it sank.

Sunset from Terre de Haut anchorage
The boat jobs we've been doing include retasking our Raspberry Pi computer.  Originally we used it as a chart plotter and media player (as described here).  While it works for that purpose I've decided to try using it for a different purpose which I'll describe in a later blog.

The job involved reworking the wiring associated with our Vesper XB8000 AIS transceiver, our Icom HF transceiver and the USB hub connected to our laptop.  I also did a lot of software installation, updating and configuration work on the RPi.  Sound simple but took all day!

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