Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Dominica - Indian River and Fort Shirley

Hi everyone,
Today we did some touring around the Portsmouth area.  In the morning we were went up the Indian River.  Later we walked around the bay to Fort Shirley.

Portsmouth is sited at the mouth of the Indian River.  It used to be heavily fished and badly polluted but has been protected for many years now.  It is home to a wide array of fish, crabs, birds and other animals.  The tour took us about 1 mile upriver with the guide rowing us up the river since motors are prohibited.

Indian River
Hut used in Pirates of the Caribbean II movie
At the limit of navigation we visited the Indian River Bar for refreshment.  Along the river and at the bar we saw several humming birds which was a first for us.  Amazing creatures.

Indian River Bar
Later in the morning we took the dinghy ashore and walked around the bay to its northern end.  Fort Shirley was built in the 18th century and dominates Prince Rupert Bay.  The fort was abandoned in the mid-19th century.  In the 1980s the fort was restored and is in very good condition today.

In earlier times the bay was used by well known sailors such as Sir Francis Drake.

Fort Shirley Barracks
View from Fort Shirley over Prince Rupert Bay
Tomorrow we expect to sail north to Les Saintes, a set of small islands off the SW coast of Guadeloupe.

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