Thursday, 9 June 2016

Azores Arrival

Hi everyone,
We arrived in Horta at 1345 local summer time (=GMT), after a 16 day passage from Bermuda.  Entry to the harbour was straight-forward and we anchored at the southern end.  We dinghied ashore to clear in which was simple and cost the princely sum of 2 Euros.  It was a lovely sunny day.

Yesterday afternoon we had a pleasant sail with winds gradually easing in the afternoon and overnight.  By 0600 there was very little wind and an awkward swell so we motored the last 20nm to Horta.  As the screenshot below shows, there were plenty of vessels converging on Horta.

Heading for Horta, with company!

After clearing in we went for a quick walk around the local area.  First we found Peter's Sports Bar and for 10 Euros had a pint of beer, a gin & tonic, two bottles of sparkling water and two sandwiches.  Great value.  Peter's is decorated with flags and burgees from yacht clubs all over the world.  We didn't spot a FSC burgee so may donate one.

From Peter's we walked to the chandlers where we bought Portuguese and Azores courtesy flags.  Then to the small dockside supermarket for bread and back to the boat.  En route we visited Australian yacht Tuuletar and had a chat with them before returning to Zen Again.

Back aboard we set to work on the post-arrival list.  So far we have….

  • Filled the main fuel tanks from jerries (60 litres)
  • Partially filled the main water tanks from jerries (60 litres, probably need another 40 litres to fill)
  • Drained the space under the chain locker
  • Big clean-up below decks (to be continued)
  • Washed all s/s on deck
  • Washed harness tethers and sail ties
  • Cleaned lazarette
  • Aired bunk cushions and various towels, rugs etc

Tomorrow we plan to continue cleaning the boat and will further explore Horta.  Apparently there is a very good supermarket a 20 minute walk away.  And we'll find the showers - well overdue - and sort out WiFi access.    Tomorrow I also hope to post a passage summary.

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  1. Congratulations on your safe arrival, it sounded a real mixed bag of weather conitions, very tiring for you. Enjoy the R&R in Horta!