Saturday, 18 June 2016

Azores Departure

Hi everyone,
We departed Horta at 1100Z this morning. We are currently in position 38 42N 028 26W, saillng at 5 knots on a course of 040M. The wind is S at 8-12 knots with a slight sea and negligible swell. We are sailing under full main and single-furled yankee. Broken cumulus clouds. We have logged 14nm since departure and we have 1220nm to go to Falmouth.

We spent yesterday preparing for departure. We did a load of laundry, the final shopping and final checks aboard. The boat is in good shape and the weather window looks good too. Little sign of strong winds with the outlook being for light to moderate winds for at least the next few days. There's a High to our NE producing S winds. In a few days an intense High is predicted to form to our W which may give us N winds as it moves E. We expect to follow the great circle route initially.

Today we went ashore for a final hot shower and then cleared out. Clearing out took a little while since there was only one marina guy on duty and a lot of yachts leaving. Then it was back to the boat, stow the dinghy and up with the anchor. After motoring out of the harbour we've been under sail since. The clouds are slowly breaking up so we may even get some sun this afternoon.

There are a group of about ten yachts we know which are also en route to the English Channel. Most will be keeping in touch via HF/SSB and the others via email.

We really enjoyed our stay on Faial. It would have been nice to have visited more of the islands but it's time to head for the UK, especially given this good weather outlook.

Trust all's well where you are.


  1. Have a safe trip, enjoy your well earned "oggie" in Falmouth! We bought our Freedom yacht in Falmouth 20 yr ago, seems like yesterday!

  2. Sail safe you two, we look forward to catching up in the UK