Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Azores Inbound - Day 15

Hi everyone,
We are currently in position 37 54N 030 40W, saillng at 6 knots on a course of 080M. The wind is NW at 22-26 knots with a confused 2m sea and 3m swell.  We are sailing under triple-furled yankee.  Scattered cirrus and some cumulus cloud but generally sunny!  Our day's run was approximately 119nm, our DMG was 114nm and we have 104nm to go.

Dawn this morning

Yesterday afternoon winds remained 20-25 knots from the SW under mostly overcast skies.  The only exceptoin was a 15 minute squall which came through with 35 knot winds and heavy rain.  With only the yankee set we could simply furl it away and run before the wind.  We were sitting on hull speed under bare poles while it lasted.  Happily I had my full wet weather gear on in time and didn't get drenched.  After the squall we unfurled the staysail instead of the yankee.

Overnight the wind backed around to the WNW and rain squalls came past but happily missed us.  We even saw the stars occasionally.  More importantly we got some much needed sleep.  At 0630 this morning we gybed on to port tack and set course directly for Horta.

Trust all's well where you are.

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