Thursday, 14 June 2012

Balmy days at Fannie Bay

Hi everyone,
We're now back at anchor in Fannie Bay, Darwin.  We refuelled, rewatered and hosed-down at the Cullen Bay jetty on Tuesday and then returned to our normal anchorage at Fannie Bay.  We now have 220 litres of diesel aboard - sufficient for 150 hours running nominally, 100 worst case.

We've had a pleasant few days relaxing and gradually ticking off a few to-dos...
  • Visited Customs to collect our outward immigration cards and other documents
  • Visited the Roma Bar for great coffee and free wifi (we download podcasts, s/w updates etc)
  • Installed two 20litre buckets as holders for the 100m stern anchor / drogue warp
  • Built and installed a pushpit-mounted bracket for the stern/kedge anchor
  • Experimented with HF radio and modem settings to optimise performance
  • Identified the source of an annoying water leak in the engine (my fault - inadequately tightened hose clamp on new hose)
  • Messed around with our excellent new 1600 lumen, CREE LPX-518 torches.
Stern anchor mount
There are several yachts entered in Sail Timor Leste now anchored at Fannie Bay.  One of the them - a big catamaran called Mojo - is in the background of the photo below.  I don't think we'll keep up with them!

Zen Again and Mojo at Fannie Bay
The weather in Darwin has been practically windless all week, with just light sea-breezes each day.  The big storms down south seem to have killed the trade winds for the moment!

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  1. Hi, we are at A and P's house having dinner. Glad to hear you are safe and well. Love and hugs from all of us, KMBZAP!