Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Record Bay 2

Hi again,
We've had a very pleasant day here at Record Bay. The day started out quite chilly at about 18C with a moderate SE breeze adding "wind chill". The sky was completely overcast which made it feel quite cold, demonstrating we have adapted fully to the tropics! We've seen dugong (we think) and dolphin in the water, and a variety of birds on the beach. By mid-afternoon the sky was clearing to scattered cirrus clouds and the breeze had dropped so we ventured ashore.

Anchored off Record Bay
Nice beach
Record Bay and Zen Again from the dinghy
The beach has fine light-yellow sand, almost squeeky, with many types of shells. Some of the shells are quite large. At the high water mark we found several piles of buffalo droppings. Twas nice to have a walk ashore. We failed to find the statement of claim apparently buried here when the English claimed Port Essington. ;)

Last night we watched the partial lunar eclipse. We weren't expecting it but it was fun to watch. We'd been hearing a lot about the transit of Venus on the radio but not an eclipse. Having seen it we looked it up in the Nautical Almanac. We'll have to read this useful publication more closely in future.

The moon shortly before the eclipse
To all our friends in Batemans Bay - we hope the East Coast Low hasn't caused significant damage.

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