Saturday, 9 June 2012

Van Diemen Gulf

Hi everyone,
Tonight we're at sea, in the middle of our passage from Port Essington to the Darwin area. We've been motor-sailing for the last 4 hours. Not our favourite way of getting from A to B, but a good run for the engine and the new battery charging systems. Prior to the current motor-sailing we were having a great sail.

Sailing under first reef
We left Coral Bay at 1030, getting underway under sail and having a great sail out of Port Essington before gybing and heading west. The ESE wind lasted all day and into the evening. We got past Cape Don in daylight and under sail - albeit in light airs. At 2030 we had to turn the engine on. Both Mojo and Persian Sands followed us out of Port Essington and were gradually catching us before each headed into a bay to anchor for the night. The moon came up at about 2300. Prior to that it was quite a dark night - hard to discern the horizon.

Trust all's well where you are.

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