Monday, 4 June 2012

Record Point

Hi everyone,
We are now anchored just north of Record Point in Port Essington. We had a great sail for nearly two hours but the wind died so we motored the last hour to the anchorage. We're 150m from the beach and have been watching a Sea Eagle which seems very busy. At least half a dozen different types of bird on the beach, but no buffalo so far! ;)

Zen Again Track
There are a lot of fires burning in the area around Port Essington today so it's quite smoky. Small pieces of ash float past in the breeze, and occasionally settle on the boat. Should produce a nice sunset.

Anchored at Record Bay
We saw two small power boats in the port today - the first vessels we've seen since arriving. We regularly hear Australian Maritime Patrol aircraft calling yachts out in the Arafura Sea on VHF channel 16, but none appear to be stopping in Port Essington. We're enjoying the solitude!

Trust all's well where you are...

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