Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Record Bay 3

Hi everyone,
We decided to spend another day here at Record Bay since it's such a pleasant spot. That means we won't explore the old settlement at Victoria. Tomorrow we'll head north to Coral Bay (still in Port Essington). On Friday or Saturday we'll head back towards Darwin, possibly joining Darwin Sailing Club's Crab Claw Island cruise over the weekend.

Today we changed over our 9kg gas cylinders. The empty one had lasted since August last year, throughout our summer aboard in Tipperary Waters. We'll refill it before heading off to SE Asia. Nicki baked a fruit cake after the change-over which worked out really well. The bread baking has also been a great success. Only trouble on the provisions front is we've run out of chocolate and are nearly out of beer! Never mind, there's still plenty of rum.

Sunset at Record Bay
Each morning we're joining a radio sked with yachts Better Than Shares and Skellum. The former is in East Timor and the latter in the Kimberley. It's good to establish how well (or not) our HF radio system performs. So far it's doing pretty well, but we may be able to improve it further. We're also figuring out the best frequencies.

Trust all's well where you are!

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