Saturday, 7 May 2016

Bermuda Inbound - Day 4

Hi everyone,
We are currently in position 28 16N 064 22W, saillng at 6 knots on a course of 030M. The wind is SSE at 20-25 knots with 1.5m sea and 2m SSE swell. We are sailing under single-furled yankee alone. Completely overcast with high cloud plus scattered low cloud. Tis a grey day. Our day's run was 145nm, our DMG was 144m and we have 248nm to go.

Yesterday afternoon clouds gradually built up and the wind increased. By midnight it was blowing about 30 knots and the boat was starting to surf so we dropped the mainsail. We were still doing 6 knots with only the triple-furled yankee. The sea state was quite confused for much of the night and we were rounded-up a few times but the Aries returned us to course without problems. Having no mainsail up made its job much easier of course.

The stronger winds and confused sea made for a rolly ride but we continued to make good progress. Late this morning we rolled out more yankee as the wind and seas moderated.

Apparently Bermuda is getting a bit of a pasting from the front which is passing by. They're getting 40-45 knots. We're only seeing the southern "tail" of the front. Winds in Bermuda on Sunday and Monday look like being moderate for our arrival so we seem to have timed our run well. Fingers crossed! ;)

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