Tuesday, 3 May 2016

British Virgin Islands Departure

Hi everyone,
We departed Sopers Hole at 1115 this morning, bound towards Bermuda.  We are currently in position 18 48N 064 39W, saillng at 6 knots on a course of 020M.  The wind is ENE at 18-22 knots with a 1m sea and no swell.  We are sailing under single-reefed main and single-furled yankee.  Broken high cloud with some scattered low-level cloud too.  Our route to Bermuda is 830nm and we have 807nm to go.

We enjoyed our last day in the BVIs with the crew of Vulcan Spirit.  We had dinner at Pusser's Landing last night - nice rum punches!  This morning it rained for several hours and our tanks filled while we were ashore having hot showers and coffee.

At about 1000 we cleared out which cost us the princely sum of US$1.  After emptying, hauling aboard, drying, collapsing and stowing the dinghy we got underway.  Initially it was completely overcast but as we head north the cloud appears to be dispersing.  The weather forecast is for the ENE wind to veer to the SE and eventually to the S, all of which will allow us to ease sheets.

We thoroughly enjoyed the BVIs and ended up seeing far more than we anticipated.  Everything's so close together it's easy to see several places in a day.  Here is our track through the islands…

Zen Again BVI tracks in magenta with current track in red

We've already had a pod of dolphins playing in our bow wave and saw a 1m fish leap 4m out of the water with lunch in its mouth. Still in soundings but the depth is gradually increasing.  It's great to be at sea again.  Zen Again is loving this close reach.

We're really looking forward to seeing Bermuda.  Only a week or so away!

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  1. Safe passage and fair winds! Don't hurry on to UK till it warms up a bit, it was freezing while we were there. Anne and Graham