Saturday, 28 May 2016

Bermuda Outbound - Day 5

Hi everyone,
We are currently in position 35 28N 054 13W, saillng at 3 knots on a course of 090M. The wind is NNE at 4-6 knots with calm sea and 1m swell.  We are sailing under full sail.  Clear sunny sky with a few small cumulus.  Our day's run was 117nm, our DMG was 101nm and we have 1237nm to go.

Yesterday was a very pleasant day indeed.  The wind gradually eased from 15-18 down to around 5 knots at midnight but we kept the boat moving under sail.  As it eased the wind veered from NW to NE which allowed us to keep the apparent wind well forward as it decreased in strength.

Dawn this morning

By dawn the wind was back up to about 10 knots but it has eased back to 4-6 since then and is now coming from the NNE.  We're now on a close reach.  Very pleasant sailing, but if it gets any lighter the motor will have to come on.

The weather outlook is for a low pressure system to pass NE of us on Sunday night.  This will bring boisterous conditions to boats ahead of us but should just give us a good sailng breeze.  We've had our eye on this system for some days and its deepening appears to have slowed.  Doesn't look like we need to slow down for it to pass ahead.

GRIB wind for Sunday night (with recommended route)

We expect to have quite light winds for the next 24 hours or so.  Then winds will build at the system comes by.

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