Monday, 23 May 2016

Bermuda - Week Two

Hi everyone,
We've had a very pleasant second week here in Bermuda with a mix of boat jobs and touring.  We have visited Hamilton twice more and went on several walks.

The boat jobs have included:

  • Collected patched-up yankee headsail and re-hoisted
  • Replaced a cabin fan (the old one was getting very noisy)
  • Checked the Aries vane gear, tightening a couple of bolts and greasing moving parts
  • Another check-over and test run of the engine
  • A swim to wipe clean the rudder, skeg, prop and prop shaft - the hull is quite clean
  • Topped up fresh water supplies for departure

There are a set of walks around the islands which follow the old railway line.  Apparently the railway was the most expensive ever (per mile) when built and was heavily used during WW2.  We walked to the end of St George's island to see the three forts there, one of which is a Martello Tower.

One of many signs along the disused railway - now a walking trail
One of many nice views from the railway trail
Martello tower at W end of St George's island
We visited the capital Hamilton twice this week, once on the ferry (via the dockyard) and once by bus.  The first occasion was mainly to collect a parcel containing our new credit cards - a vital mission! ;)  We took our lunch up to Fort Hamilton which has very nice gardens in addition to the Victorian gun emplacements.

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity in Hamilton
Fort Hamilton
Yesterday we visited Hamilton once more to do a final shop at the good supermarket there.  We also visited the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.  The receptionist was welcoming and we were able to stroll around and admire the trophies, yacht half-models (of Newport-Bermuda race winners) and some spectacular paintings.  Strangely however we were not welcome to buy a drink or lunch there.  Shows how one officious staff member can spoil memories of a club.

On the way home from Hamilton yesterday we stopped off at The Swizzle Inn, a well-known English-style pub.

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
Unfortunately we've had rainy weather for several days during the week, including one where we had to stay aboard due to high winds.  It's been a showery day today and several boats have departed for the Azores.  We intend to depart tomorrow morning and believe there will be others leaving then too.

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  1. Good luck on your next leg, we had the best sail of any of the legs from Bermuda to Flores, we hope you have the same. Don't anchor too close to the cliffs in Flores, the Shearwaters keep you awake with their night time calling!