Sunday, 4 May 2014

Benoa Outbound Day 4

Hi everyone,
We are having a very nice sail this evening under full main and No 2. Current position is 16 08.7S 116 22.2E. Wind is 8-10 knots from the ENE.

Last night started with quite light winds and with a big flying fish in the cockpit. Iridescent blue and a get me outa here attitude. Eventually we figured out we needed to cover him to calm him down which we did with a towel and could then drop him back over the side alive and well. As the evening wore on the wind strengthened until we had a reef and the staysail up and doing 7 knots.

Today the wind moderated gradually and we only took the reef out at 1800 this evening. At 1430 we were overflown by an Australian Maritime Surveillance aircraft, callsign "cCstoms 55". He passed by only a little higher than masthead height and a few boatlengths off to one side. Twould be nice to be able to buy the photos they take! A few minutes later he called us on VHF and asked the usual questions and cautioned us regarding our arrival responsibilities when we reach Dampier.

First Reef
Heading South
Tonight the sky is almost completely clear of cloud and there's a Spielberg moon (one of those you could sit on and fish from). We can see the "big dipper", Orion, Scorpio and of course the Southern Cross constellations. We can't smell Australia yet but as I said to Customs 55, after they've found us we know it's not too far away!

We have 270nm to run to Dampier.

Trust all's well where you are.

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