Saturday, 17 May 2014


Hi everyone,
Zen Again has now been in Exmouth for three days.  The weather was overcast on Thursday and for most of Friday.  A thunderstorm on Friday appeared to blow the cloud away and since then it has been clear and sunny.  The temperature is very pleasant, particularly at night when it is cool.

Zen Again at Exmouth marina (with new jetty in foreground)
On Thursday we got a lift into town from Kevin of sv Icecube.  We had a nice breakfast at the bakery while waiting for our laundry, then did the shopping at the local IGA and walked the 3km or so back to the marina.  The landscape is very, very green as a result of the recent rain.

Icecube did the 2011 Fremantle-Bali race but retired to Exmouth and has spent three years here.  They are preparing for a cruise to Indonesia and the Philippines.  Icecube is a very fast-looking Schonning (sp?) catamaran with lots of carbon fibre.  I spent a couple of hours helping Kevin with his HF radio and we tried out routine calling via DSC which worked very well.

On Friday morning we gave the boat a clean, filled the water tanks and changed back to the No 2 headsail.  Then Nicki prepared to fly back to Perth and to work.  Kevin lent us his van and we drove south to the civilian terminal at RAAF Learmonth for Nic's flight.   Nice little terminal.  Later in the afternoon I changed the engine oil and oil filter, and sorted out the food I'll be using while sailing south.  Kakadu arrived during the afternoon and berthed behind us.

Zen Again and Kakadu
Today I walked to and from town for a final shop and this afternoon cleaned the starboard side topsides which was getting a little "streaky" from the "holy" aluminium handrails.  I also greased the Aries vane gear and had a good check of the deck gear - shackle pins, split pins etc.

I plan to depart tomorrow around midday which is an hour or so before high tide.  I hope to carry the ebb tide to NW cape and hopefully will find a nice sailing breeze.  It looks like winds will be light for the next few days, but hopefully I'll be able to sail for much of the time.

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