Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Passing Cape Inscription

Hi everyone,
Tonight we're close-hauled tacking offshore from Dirk Hartog Island. We've had to earn our miles today. Our current position is 25 29S 112 37E. We have been beating into the wind all day but at least we haven't used the engine since 2000 last night. The wind has varied from SSW to SSE and ranged from 10 to 20 knots in strength. So our sail has ranged from full main and No 2 to one reef and part-rolled No 2.

More Sailing!
As we approached Cape Inscription I briefly dreamed of sailing into the calm waters of Shark Bay. But this is a delivery voyage so we tacked offshore and continued south. I'm gradually getting into a rythm of sorts. When there's nothing on AIS or in sight I take up to one hour naps, setting a loud timer to wake me. I find I wake a few miniutes before the alarm most times. I take a good look around, check the AIS and if all's still clear repeat. If not either deal with it or set a 30 minute timer. I use this routine day and night, but actually sleep more at night. Technically I should be looking out more often but that would result in a much more severely sleep deprived skipper. Seems to me its better to be alert than slavishly keeping lookout when traffic is clearly very light.

It looks like the weather will stay as is for another day or so. Then we're supposed to get a NW change. It will be nice to ease sheets! The GIRBs aren't showing strong winds so hopefully it will be a weak front which gives us a break from the southerlies.

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  1. Hi Mike,
    I'll be overseas by the time you get back, so just wishing you safe return - don't bump into anything! (maybe set two timers?!)
    Kim Klaka