Sunday, 18 May 2014

Exmouth Departure

Hi everyone,
Zen Again and I departed Exmouth marina at noon today. We've been motoring for most of the time since then, with only a couple of brief periods when sailing was possible. Happily we've got a lot of help from both the ebb tide up the gulf and now the Leeuwin Current. As we rounded NW Cape we were doing 8 knots over the ground, with 4 of those being current.

Exmouth Gulf departure
I've seen a lot of flying fish and heaps of jumping fish - fish jumping our of the water. Quite a few sea birds too. We're following hte 100m depth contour at present - closer in than planned because the current has stayed with us so far. Since passing NW Cape we've only encountered one commerical vessel - at tug and barge heading north which passed well offshore from us.

I've just had dinner - stag chilli with the leftovers of last night's rice, followed by chilled peach slices. Very nice.

The wind is currently a very, very light south-westerly. Right on our nose but only 2-4 knots to it so we're just motoring down the course. I'm hoping for a bit of a land breeze tonight. Time will tell. There's a 1.5-20.0m swell which is quite long so isn't slowing us down. Glad I changed the engine oil and topped up the tanks and jerries!

Trust all's well where you are.

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