Saturday, 10 May 2014

Dampier Day 4

Hi everyone,
Today we took a drive around the area, visiting Karratha, the Burrup Peninsula, Port Walcott and Point Samson.  It was great to have a loaned car to get around in.

Hampton Harbour Boat and Sailing Club harbour (dinghy jetty is on LHS)
Our chariot for the day - Thanks Mark!
On the Burrup Peninsula we visited the Petraglyph Park where ancient rock art is spectacular once you find it.  Partly by luck we found what appears to be the best part very quickly.  We met one man who had been searching for two days unsuccessfully and set him right!

A river was running - you don't see that very often in the Pilbara!
Spot the turtle, emu and wombat
Amazing colours
From the ancient we went to the modern, visiting the LNG plant Visitor Centre.  Sadly it was closed but we had a good view of the plant and there were good information boards outside the centre.  Back in the 80's I helped install and maintain weather stations at the plant and on the North Rankin A rig which were under construction at the time.

View of LNG plant from the Visitor Centre
We then drove to Port Walcott Sailing Club where my family used to take our trailer sailor for the annual regatta.  The club house was deserted and has seen better days.  It appeared there may be some renovation happening.

Point Walcott beach
120 ton Haulpak on show at Wickham
We drove around Wickham and Roebourne, but both appeared very quiet.  Roebourne has some nice looking old buildings.  Both have quite a few recently constructed buildings, particularly Wickham.

We had lunch at the Point Samson Resort overlooking the harbour.  There were four shiploaders in action and half a dozen ships waiting their turn at anchor offshore.

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