Saturday, 31 May 2014

Geraldton Departure

Hi everyone,
Nicki and I returned to Zen Again at Batavia Coast Marina yesterday morning. This morning we departed in a 20 knot NE breeze, following the shipping channel out of the harbour then heading south. We are currently at 29 56.6S 114 48.8E, sailing a course of 175 at about 4 knots.

We had a great sail this morning under single-reefed main and partly furled No 2. We were sitting on 7 knots and sometime hitting over 8.5. The wind gradually eased and backed around to the north. During the afternoon we had to head up to keep sailing, ending up on a course of 140 before gybing when the wind got a bit of west in it. At 1700 we were down to below 3 knots of boatspeed so put the motor on. We saw several strings of craypot lines during the day, and two cray boats tending some of them.

We motored until 2100 when a new NE breeze started to come in. Also we saw some craypot floats come by and decided that was a sign! Ten minutes later and under sail I heard a set of floats bump down the side of the boat, or think I did. Didn't see them. Just as well we killed the motor. 'Tis a bit of a lottery out here in light winds at night.

We're 1/3 of the way to Fremantle and hope to do the final passage to FSC in one leg. It looks like the winds will be light for the rest of the way, with S-SE winds predicted for tomorrow. We'll see what actually happens. Right now the new NE wind is holding in. With luck it will build a little and stay in all night. As if! ;)

After my arrival at Geraldton I had a nice two days with the guys on Divided Sky and Aqua Vitae. Twas good our paths crossed.

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