Sunday, 1 June 2014

Approaching Fremantle

Hi everyone,
We have just passed Fairway buoy north of Fremantle and have less than 10nm to run to FSC.

Last night a nice NE breeze settled in and we had a good sail.  Very relieved we didn't have to motor for long since that's a game of russian roulette where you just keep on pulling the trigger!

This morning the wind went around to the SW as rain showers with about 20 knots of wind passed through.  The boat got a good rinse and the SW winds were as good for us as E - nice close reaches either way.

This afternoon the skies cleared and we had a superb sail towards Fremantle.  The wind ranged between 8 and 15 knots and the boat loved it.

This evening more rain showers appeared and they had the only wind around.  Between the showers we flopped around until eventually we were approaching Fairway Buoy and I judged the chances of craypots was low enough to motor.

It's great to be sailing back in to Fremantle.  Familiar lights all around, with many having a story from our offshore racing days.

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