Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Haul Out

Hi everyone,
Zen Again was hauled out this morning.  The operation was handled very quickly and efficiently.  Happily the hull was quite clean and the high pressure wash got rid of practically all growth.  Unfortunately there were the remains of barnacles which attached themselves in Malaysia but were scrubbed off on our way south.  Each leaves a disk of hard calcium.

In the slings
Pressure wash
Setting up in the stand
We got a lot of work done during the day...

  • Alan and I scrubbed off almost half of the barnacle remains
  • SailForce refitted our gooseneck and boom vang brackets using s/s rivets
  • Pro Marine replaced the PSS Shaft Seal with a new unit
  • Fremantle Shipwrights provided a quote to make good our topsides paint damage

The rig work appears to have gone well so far.  SailForce will also replace the "knuckles" which attach to the gooseneck and vang brackets.  The old knuckles are badly worn and replacement appears to be the best option, particularly since a stock unit only needs minor modification to fit well. SailForce also did a quick rig check and found no problems.

Pro Marine replaced the shaft seal very quickly.  Before removing the old unit they had a look at its movement as the shaft rotated and didn't like the look of that any more than I.  We were thinking the engine would need re-aligning, but after fitting the new seal there was no movement to be seen.  So hopefully no more work will be required.

A full repair of the topsides looks unlikely since we'd have to remove the rig and have the boat moved
into a shed to do the spray painting.  A manual touch-up will have to do for this year.

By the way, we had PropGold paint applied on the shaft and propellor in Phuket last year.  It is in as-new condition after a year in the tropics.

PropGold looking good as new after a year in the tropics
Great progress so far!

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