Friday, 6 June 2014

Haul Out Day 3

Hi everyone,
Good progress today...

  • Removed worn 30 metre length of anchor chain for possible regalvanising
  • Removed and delivered mainsail to Extreme Sails for service
  • Fitted vent hose to PSS Shaft Seal
  • Replaced the PropGold paint rubbed off the shaft during seal installation 
  • Constructed a panel to mount the new Sentinel Systems gas detector controller
  • Met with Debbie of Fremantle Ocean Canvas to discuss replacing our dodger
  • "Keyed" (lightly sanded) the CopperShield antifoul on the appendages (keel and rudder/skeg)
Zen Again is now booked to go back in the water at 0830 on Monday.  Tomorrow we'll complete the keying of the antifoul and on Sunday we'll clean the topsides.

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