Thursday, 5 June 2014

Haul Out Day 2

Hi everyone,
Today we made further progress on the job list...
  • Completed removal of barnacle remains with help from Alan and Pauline
  • Arranged repainting of PropGold on part of the propellor shaft
  • Met with Domenic of Full On Gas and determined work required to get WA certification
  • Arranged servicing of our mainsail, including replacement of the plastic luff slugs
The work on the gas system will more or less replace the entire system apart from the gas bottle, regulator and the Force 10 cooker which has Australian type certification.  We had a new system installed to meet NSW regulations after buying the boat in Queensland.  Now the system needs to be replaced to meet WA regulations.  The interesting thing is that all states have the same regulations - apparently they just police them differently.  So much for commonwealth - this BS is seriously affecting my wealth!

Nonetheless we'll end up with a safer gas system, including an electrically operated gas shut-off at the bottle controlled by the gas detector.

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