Friday, 20 June 2014

In the Pen

Hi everyone,
Zen Again was relaunched yesterday afternoon and is now in her pen at FSC.

On Wednesday morning I collected the PSS shaft seal from the post office and the mechanic was able to come down and fit it in the afternoon.  I then arranged for the boat to be relaunched on Thursday afternoon.  Other jobs done on Wednesday included more painting of the lazarette and cockpit locker boards.

Moving Out
Lower Away!
On Thursday morning I fitted new hoses in the lazarette.  These connect the two 50mm cockpit drains to the hull outlets below the transom.  I used Heli-Steel hose from Westate Hose Supplies - very nice hose which we use for engine water, bilge pumps and more.  It has a spiral of stainless steel wire embedded in the PVC which makes it practically unkinkable.

The launch on Thursday afternoon went well - no leak from the shaft seal!  Alan and I motored the boat around the open area in Success Harbour at gradually increasing revs.  We got up to 2800rpm which is the highest ever with the new engine and the boat was really moving.  Don't know how fast since hadn't bothered putting the log in for the short hop.  Most importantly there was no leaking at the seal so I was happy to go into the pen.

Rainbow over C jetty
The pen is very large for the boat but Kim J had setup temporary lines for us.  We picked them up easily enough and positioned the boat in the pen so Kim can measure up and make our new lines.

Zen Again in her new home

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