Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cocos-Keeling Outbound Day 1

Hi everyone,
We departed Direction Island at 0915 this morning and are now on passage towards Rodriguez Island.  Our current position is 11 52S 96 19E, on a course of 290 at around 5 knots.  The wind is from the ENE at 10-12 knots so we're getting a gentle start to this 2000nm passage.

We departed in company with Vulcan Spirit.  They gradually ran away from us and are now out of sight ahead.  Over the next few days several other yachts plan to follow us so we should have plenty of company on the HF skeds.

Yesterday turned into our "one perfect day" at DI.  The sun was out for most of the day and the place is stunning in such conditions.  We swam the Rip again and everything was far brighter and more colourful.

Zen Again at Direction Island

A view in the Rip on our one perfect day

Yesterday we also did several pre-departure jobs aboard.  One was to prepare a plaque to leave behind on DI.  We used an old piece of teak which we engraved before painting filling-in with paint and varnishing overall.  It is now on one of the beams in the yachtie's shelter.  Another job was to visit Home Island to fill our Diesel jerry cans.

Zen Again's plaque ashore on DI

We really enjoyed our time at Cocos-Keeling.  It's a shame the weather was so bad at times but that didn't change the magic of being at such a place.  Nonetheless it was time to move on after 2 1/2 weeks.  We're expecting a few days of good weather but we'll have to take what we're given after that!

Trust all's well where you are.

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