Sunday, 16 August 2015

Direction Island Day 16

Hi everyone,
We're still here!  We decided to stay at Direction Island for another few days in the hope of experiencing "one perfect day".  Hasn't happened so far but conditions are better than they have been for 10 days or so.  The wind has swung into the NE which makes the anchorage very protected, albeit with a little swell getting in.

Masthead View

As usual, the time flies by filled with work and play…

  • Provisioning at Home Island following arrival supply ship
  • Fixed blocked sink drain
  • Replaced cracked nut on boom gooseneck "pin" bolt
  • Inspected rig from top to bottom
  • Collected fresh water during rain
  • Treated cushions and lockers with vinegar and cloves to ward off mould

  • Snorkled the anchorage and the rip several times
  • Sundowner on the beach last night
  • Morning coffee on Zen Again with the Vulcan Spirits
  • Cards night on Vulcan Spirit
  • Met new arrivals

The cracked nut had two cracks, each from one end of a face to the other and each on opposite faces.  There was very little holding the nut together.  Some combination of manufacturing defect, crevice corrosion and fatigue perhaps.  The nut has been there for nearly 30 years and luckily there are several identical nuts elsewhere and with less critical functions.  Vulcan Spirit had spares too.

The rig inspection found no other issues but it confirmed a problem with our masthead nav lights.  Whenever we turn on either tricolour or anchor light BOTH come on.  It isn't a wiring problem since turning both on produces a strobe which is correct.  The problem must be in the unit itself so we'll look into sourcing a replacement for installation later.

Resting Sharks in the Rip

I spent a few hours helping out aboard German catamaran La Medianoche.  Programmed their HF radio for routine DSC use, tested its transmit power and restored connections to get their Pactor modem working again.

There are currently 9 boats in the anchorage.  Three boats arrived two days ago - Bomoh (Australian), Y Not (Germany) and Chesapeake (US).  We expect there to be an exodus this week, with several boats planning to take the next suitable weather.  We and Vulcan Spirit plan to leave on Tuesday.

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