Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rodrigues Inbound Day 13

Hi everyone,
We are currently in position 18 28S 67 44E saling at 6 knots on a course of 280M. The wind is 20-25 knots from the SE with 2m seas, short 3m SE swell and long 2m SSW swell. The seas are somewhat confused this morning. We are sailing under triple-furled yankee and double-reefed main. Our day's run was 150nm and we have 255nm to go - just a Fremantle-Geraldton!

Yesterday morning the winds continued to be quite light and we had a very pleasant sail under single-reefed main. In the afternoon the wind gradually increased to around 25 knots. In the late afternoon a line of thunderstorms came through so we had light rain, varying wind direction and gusts to 30 knots. The wind direction changes allowed us to "put a little in the bank" to the NW of the rhumb line but also created a very confused sea.

Overnight we had a full moon so could see the seascape very clearly. Like the prayer says, your ocean is so big and our boat so small Lord! There were waves breaking all over the place but happily we didn't get pooped, and only copped a couple of minor "side-swipers". Actively keeping the boat moving well certainly helps.

The clouds passed over in the early hours leaving scattered small cumulus in place of broken large cumulus. The seas have remained confused but are now starting to settle. We're hoping for nicer conditions today so we can catch up on sleep.

Vulcan Spirit arrived at Rodriguez last night and anchored off Port Maturin. They were given a waypoint at which to anchor which they report is very well protected. It is at 19 40.12s 63 25.79e in about 12m of water. We may well try it out ourselves on Monday night.

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