Sunday, 2 August 2015

Direction Island Day 3

Hi everyone,
Can't believe this is our third day at DI already.  We've been busy working on boat-jobs with only a little time-out to explore.  Here's what we've been up to...

  • Cleared the bilges of the three cockpit lockers - non trivial since they're large and fully loaded!
  • Dried and cleaned anything which got wet in the cockpit lockers - rags, hoses, ropes etc etc
  • Constructed a new jiggler hose for transferring fuel (old one's hose was too wide and didn't work well)
  • Transferred 80 litres of fresh water from jerry cans to main tanks
  • Transferred 60 litres of diesel from jerry cans to main tanks
  • Installed HF power meter in the navstation (to assist debugging our tuning problem)
  • Polished s/s fittings on deck
  • Cleaned below-decks
  • Extracted selected food stores from under cabin sole boards to replace food consumed
  • Major resort and stow of food supplies

Zen Again anchored at DI

  • Walked some of the tracks on DI, learning a lot of its history thanks to the useful placards around the island
  • Visited the SE point of DI to view "the rip" where we'll snorkel in a day or two
  • Located the famous "telephone box" which we may try out tomorrow
  • Had a very refreshing swim from the beach
  • Had an excellent BBQ lunch ashore with the Vulcan Spirits followed by more walking around the island
  • Had a pleasant swim from the boat - the hull is very clean still

The most widespread fauna on DI are the crabs.  They are everywhere!

Hermit Crab

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