Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Rodrigues Inbound Day 9

Hi everyone,
We are currently at position 17 25S 77 51E sailing at 5.5 knots on a course of 255M. The wind is E at 10-12 knots with a 1m sea and 2m SE swell. We are under full sail for the first time on this passage. Our day's run was 151nm and we have 830nm to go.

It's quite pleasant to be sailing along in a gentle wind for a change. Between the "sets" of swell the ride is good but the sets set us rolling and knock the wind out of the sails. Nevertheless Nicki is using the relative calm to bake some bread and planning to cook a "proper" dinner tonight. Sounds good to me!

Yesterday we had a great sail and held on to more sail than we had been previously. The wind was just right for a single furl in the yankee plus the single reefed main. The boat romped along 7 knots for hours on end and the ride was very comfortable. At "happy hour" we celebrated the half-way mark with a small tot of rum each, plus one for King Neptune. We also opened our "care pack" which was filled with a wide variety of treats - thanks Tracy!

Last night the wind gradually decreased. We went "through the gears" until early this morning we had full sail up. It was uncomfortable while the left-over sea persisted but now it's not too bad. We've been extremely lucky with the weather so far.

We haven't seen much wildlife since getting clear of CKI. A few sea birds visit us occasionally. Yesterday a tropic bird tried in vain to land on our masthead - a very silly idea given our rolling motion. He gave it several tries but gave up eventually. One thing we see a lot of is flying fish. Not often in/over the sea but mostly on board. Every morning there's a number of them lying on deck. Many are less than 30mm long, most are around 80mm long and a few are over 200mm in length. There are certainly plenty of flying fish in the Indian Ocean.

The temperature is gradually decreasing as we edge south. At CKI the water temperature was over 28C and the weather was warm and humid. Now the water is about 25C and the nights are cool enough to warrant using our sea-rugs (light duvets) off watch and long sleeves and pants on watch.

The sked last night included 7 yachts enroute to Rodriguez plua one which had just departed Rodriguez. US yacht Apogee had a great time there and is now heading towards Mauritius with British yachts Sea Bunny and Minnie B.

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