Saturday, 1 August 2015

Direction Island (Cocos-Keeling) Anchorage Entry Notes

Hi everyone,
Charts of the approach to the Direction Island anchorage here in the Cocos-Keeling Islands are poor.  This includes current Navionics and Garmin charts, as well as older CM93 charts.  It would be easy to reach the wrong conclusion as to the best route to take in entering the anchorage.  Here are some notes on our entry.

Commence entry from the conspic and well-charted "Port Refuge" black pile beacon at 12 05.78S 096 52.00E.  Proceed east from there to the large red port lateral pile at 12 05.78S 96 52.66E.  The next leg is the interesting one.  Proceed approximately NE to the smaller green starboard lateral pile, leaving it close to starboard.  You will cross threatening-looking dark areas which are deep coral.  We had a minimum depth of 4.5m but others reported 3.1m.  From the green pile proceed NNE and pick a sandy spot - there are deep coral patches in the anchorage.

There is a jetty for the ferry which visits DI occasionally.  Avoid anchoring east of the jetty to keep out of the ferry's path.

Track in OpenCPN

GoogleEarth image with track in OpenCPN

Looking at the charts one might think the best entry would be across the coral-free sand further north.  We understand this has silted up and is much shallower than charted.  Beware!

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