Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Back at Mooloolaba Marina

This morning we departed Lawrie's Boat Services yard and motored down the canal to Mooloolaba Marina.  Three weeks of hard work completed.

The mast was stepped on Thursday.  Very straight-forward operation when done by experts with a crane!

Mast approaching
The mast was stepped after warping the boat into the travel-lift bay since the engine was still in bits.

Mast up (note unpainted spreaders)
The engine was restored to operation on Friday.  Thanks to Mick from Ashby Boat Builders.  We decided to spend the weekend at Lawrie's so that on Monday Jason from Ashby's could finish work on sealing the head compartment bilge.

Alongside the work jetty at Lawrie's

So we're now at Mooloolaba Marina and will spend two night here.  On Thursday we intend to head towards Pancake Creek (~30nm south of Gladstone).  While Lawrie's was close to the big shopping mall, the marina is close to the beach and the town centre.  The latter has many cafes and we intend to sample one or two before leaving.

On B jetty at Mooloolaba Yacht Club Marina
While our stay at Lawrie's was fun, it's great to be away from the noise and dirt of a boat yard.  'Twill be even better to set sail...

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