Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Yellow Patch

We decided to stay another night at Cape Capricorn since the light northerly winds are persisting. At least they are light, and we're not getting the storms and rain being experienced further south. It is certainly unseasonally cool and the SE trades are nowhere to be been.

Motoring up the creek

With another day here we decided to join Peter and Chris from Splash and dinghy in to visit the Yellow Patch. This spectacular sand drift is beside a creek which is quite shallow to enter, so we each took our dinghies. The tide was ebbing fast and it took a while to get in with our little 3.5HP Nissan outboard. It was worth it - the Patch is spectacular. We scrambled to the top and the view, particularly to the north, is fantastic. Serried ranks of islands stretching into the distance. The Patch is an amazing colour, ranging from yellow to orange depending on the light.

On the beach
The trip back to the boat was at nearly low tide and we had a fun time pathfinding our way out of the creek. The round trip consumed a full tank of fuel in our little outboard but gave it good run.

View from the top of Yellow Patch
Tomorrow we expect more light winds, but they may have some south in them. We plan a short passage to Great Keppel Island. Should be fun!

View of creek from top of Patch at (approx) 1 hour before low water springs

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