Saturday, 18 June 2011

Island Head

This morning we motored the ~8nm from Pearl Bay to Island Head. 'Twas a good opportunity to run the fridge, and the last 2nm were passing through the entrance to the creek which is narrow, shallow and tidal.
Approaching Island Head from the south
Although there was only a 10kt wind outside there was 20+ inside as it funnelled down the creek.
The entrance to Island Head is fun since one has to run very close to some rocky islets (only 20m away).  We had about 1.5knots of current behind us and 25knots of wind against us which made it more interesting. The depths were as described by Lucas.

View up the minor creek where we anchored
We anchored in the first offshoot of the main creek on the western side where we were sheltered from the wind blowing down the creek. We anchored in 5.5m in a creek about 500m wide. This afternoon (at low tide) it was less than 200m wide and we were in 3m. Happily we found the deep spot! :)

Sunset view at low tide
We are alone in this anchorage, with one other yacht in sight on the other side of the main creek and one more around the corner in the main creek on this side.

We had a very pleasant day watching the world go by. Sea eagles, egrets, herons, terns, gannets and various unidentified waders. Around sunset we sat in the cockpit and spotted a pair of dugongs swimming up and down our little creek (theirs really!). We managed to get a photo of one of these shy creatures. Mostly they just poke their snouts out of the water to breathe, but the lucky shot shows its whole head and its tail.

We'll be staying here until Monday and will go ashore for a walk tomorrow.

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