Friday, 17 June 2011

Pearl Bay

Today we had a great sail from Great Keppel Island to Pearl Bay. Departed 0630 and arrived 1500. Logged 51nm through the water and 46 over the ground. A nice SW breeze held in for most of the trip, with just an hour or so at the end "to run the fridge".

Approaching channel to anchorage
We passed the entrance to Port Clinton quite close, then motor-sailed between the mainland and Entrance Island and then Delcomyn Island. A spectacular coastline, and more so close up. From there we went around White Rock (strangely black in colour) and through the pass into Pearl Bay. We had to push against the tide for the last two hours, with up to 2 knots against us. Slight overfalls in places.

Pearl Bay anchorage
Pearl Bay is spectacular. Several sea eagles in residence. Steep rocky shorelines mixed with sandy beaches. The hills are covered in pines and wattle. The wattle is in bloom and the smell is quite something. We're here with seven other yachts but it is very quiet. Leekes Beach had constant sound of surf on the beach, but here it is absolutely silent apart from the occasional calling of the sea eagles or the motor of another yacht arriving.

Sunset at Pearl Bay
Pearl Bay is part of the Shoalwater Bay military area.  During our stay much of the area was closed due to live firing.  Hence the smoky sunset!  The area will be entirely closed throughout July for the Talisman Sabre military exercises.

Tomorrow afternoon we expect to move north to Island Head. It's only a short hop so we will get a lie in for a change!

Pearl Bay

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