Thursday, 16 June 2011

Great Keppel Island

Today we sailed the 30nm from Cape Capricorn to Leekes Beach on Great Keppel Island.  The wind held in all the way, giving us a very nice close reach.  Apart from the cool breeze it was perfect.

Anchored at Leekes Beach, Great Keppel Island
This afternoon we went ashore and had a very pleasant walk along the beach.  At the western end we could see the passage we passed through this morning, and at the eastern end we explored the lagoon.

Passage betweeen GKI and Middle Island
from western end of Leekes Beach at low water springs
The anchorage from the western end of Leekes Beach
Mouth of the lagoon at low water springs
After the walk we repaired aboard to enjoy an Inner Circle rum and coke, a Scotch and soda, and glorious sunset...

Sunset over the mainland from GKI
Tomorrow we intend to sail on to Pearl Bay, a passage of about 45nm.

Hope all's well where you are!  :)

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